Hi RoGamez here and we are working on our first server "Five Nights at Roblox (FNAR)" in this new server you will have to defend yourself against "Guest Fazbloxian, Nooby the Noob, Builderman the Builder and even Awsomeman5a the Pirate Bloxian." The first 3 chacters on stage and Awsomeman will be located in Awsomeman5a's Cove. Awesomeman5a is a real Roblox user he is actually my friend. He accepts all friend requests. If Five Nights at Roblox is successful I will make Five Nights at Roblox 2. I do understand that Scott Cawthon is working on a NEW game FNAF WORLD and that inspired me to make my 3rd server called FNAR WORLD :)

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